Let Laser Therapy Help You Get Back to Doing What you Love to Do! 


by Dr. Eric Wiens


Bioflex Low Intensity Laser Therapy


For many, the thoughts of Spring include being outdoors and getting back to sports and activities that were missed through the Winter months.


How our bodies feel and respond as we get more active can vary for a lot of different reasons. Effects of previous injuries, time, increased intensity and trying something new can all be challenges. Getting all the benefits from activity depends greatly on how your body performs for you.


Most people when they first see me have some level of chronic pain that prevents them from doing things they need or want to do.


Most want me to magically relieve their pain & make everything better so they can get on with things. They have a lack of understanding of the process of healing & maximizing their potential. The process is amazingly simple.


Laser care is about maximizing the biological function and capacity of tissues. Note, this statement doesn’t mention relieving pain. Pain relief is a happy side effect of this process.


Laser light of certain parameters has a known biological effect on tissues, most notably reversing the effects of acute (recent) and chronic (long term) inflammation:


  1. Improves circulation. That means moving blood in and out of a local area. This is through vessels being stimulated to open and for the microscopic vessels to re-route their way through tissues they have pulled back from.
  2. Stimulating cells to become active, recruiting more cells in tissues to get back to working for you.


Exercising with walking sticks     Common conditions that generally respond to laser care
     include neck and low back pain, hip and knee pain and
     foot problems.


     Laser care is a foundational therapy that can help
     optimize tissues to get the most out of active therapies
     (massage, chiropractic, physiotherapy) and whatever
     activities you do for health and enjoyment.




A Special Spring Offer just for you… 


Until April 30, 2019, you can purchase a special
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*One per person.  Only valid with Dr. Eric Wiens (for all sessions).  Can be purchased by new clients or anyone who has not been to the clinic in the past 12 months.   To purchase, please call the clinic at 613-225-1127.