by Shane Clark, RMT

We all, at sometime or another, will suffer an injury either through an accident or just because of wear and tear in our daily lives.  When injury occurs, the question of what course of action to take and when to take it can largely determine how quickly and thoroughly our body recovers.

Massage therapy can be very helpful in managing the initial phases of injury recovery, which largely consist of inflammatory processes by helping circulation and in the rebuilding of damaged tissue.  The increased circulation, which massage provides, assists in the delivery of nutrients and the removal of cellular waste products.  A reduction in inflammation can reduce pain and restore range of motion which, when coupled with a program of structured exercise, can help to return you to pre-injury functional movement.

Massage therapy is also a key factor in the prevention of post injury fascial adhesions that can occur when your body tissues are injured.  It is typically these adhesions that lead to longer term dysfunction and chronic pain as the body tissues cannot return to their natural state.  Stopping an acute injury from becoming a chronic problem is one of the long term goals of most massage therapy treatment plans and in doing so, promotes general, overall, improved health.

Besides increasing circulation and reducing inflammation, massage therapy also aides in the reduction of stress and can, in turn, reduce the levels of Cortisol which can impede injury recovery.   This promotion of a more relaxed state of being can accelerate the healing process getting you back to the activities you love to do.   The next time you happen to injury yourself, get in to see your local Registered Massage Therapist sooner rather than later!


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