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Laser Therapy - Filosofi
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Laser Therapy


At Filosofi Laser and Massage Clinic, we use the most technologically advanced Low Intensity Laser system called the Bioflex Laser by Meditech. The Bioflex system was developed by Dr. Fred Khan (an MD) in Toronto, Canada and has been the centre of a magnitude of research studies and articles.  


The advanced Bioflex system is approved by Health Canada and the FDA for the treatment of pain.  It is clinically proven to be up to 90% successful and is painless as well as non-toxic with no side effects.  


The root cause of pain is inflammation and the Bioflex laser triggers a natural biochemical reaction inside cells which is essential to resolving inflammation.  No other therapy has been scientifically shown to do this and it is the key to true, complete healing.     




Filosofi offers daytime, evening and weekend appointments.  We have 2 certified Laser Therapists who have been trained at Meditech in Toronto and are fully capable of treating a wide variety of chronic and acute conditions.  


All Initial Visits are complete with Dr. Wiens and then follow up visits will be with Dr. Wiens or Shane Clark.  


Dr. Wiens is the supervising practitioner so all insurance receipts will be given under his name and license with no exception.  



To book an Initial Visit for Laser Therapy, please call the Clinic at 613-225-1127 or email



**Please be aware that due to our professional responsibility we are only able to answer case specific questions as part of an in-person consultation and exam.**