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Dr. Jean-Francois Gauthier, DC, Pedorthist - Filosofi
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Dr. Jean Francois Gauthier, Pedorthist



Dr. Gauthier is passionate about feet and how they impact the locomotor system.  The locomotor system consists of your feet, legs, pelvis and spine.  Together they allow you to walk, run, move and live!  Dr. Guathier believes that your ability to move is paramount in achieving and maintaining optimal health.  


Dr. Gauthier graduated from the University of Ottawa with an honours Bachelor of Science degree in Human Kinetics.  He went on to the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College where he graduated with academic and clinical honours as a Doctor of Chiropractic.  Dr. Gauthier is also a Canadian Certified Pedorthist and is member of the Pedorthic Association of Canada.  He is certified by the College of Pedorthics of Canada.  


Pedorthists are trained foot health specialists who assess, design, manufacture, fit and modify foot orthoses and footwear for the purpose of alleviating painful or debilitating conditions.  To certify as a Canadian Certified Pedorthist C Ped a person must have a University degree in the health care feild and meet the certification standards of the College of Pedorthics of Canada.  


Dr. Gauthier is able to assess everyone from young children to seniors.  Whether you have foot, ankle, leg or low back pain, his goal is to educate patients on their condition after performing a gait analysis and biomechanical assessment.  Recommendations are then made in order to help patients in their recovery.  



Dr. Gauthier’s Hours


Tuesday    9:00 am – 12:00 pm