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Kate Fishwick


    We are so excited for Kate!  She is now a full-fledged Registered Massage Therapist
    as well as a Certified Laser Therapist!!  She will available for massage therapy on
    Thursday and Friday evenings.  Read more about Kate…  
    Book a massage appointment… 




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Check out the latest incredible info on laser therapy and it’s power to heal in Dr. Doidge’s New York Times Bestseller; Brain Heal Thyself.  Enjoy his interview with Wendy Mesley of CBC! 



Filosofi began as a Centre for Chiropractic excellence in 1998 and has evolved to become the only Clinic in Ottawa to focus on and offer the latest Low Intensity Laser Therapy technology with the Bioflex Laser System.  

The combination of Low Intensity Laser Therapy with Registered Massage Therapy and Physiotherapy offer the best in care to help clients heal from both chronic and acute conditions.  Our therapists work closely together to combine modalities in order to provide the most timely and cost effective care possible. Our goal is to get you back to doing what you love to do.  

Filosofi also offers a wide range of additional services including Shiatsu Massage, Reflexology, Accupressure and Custom Orthoses.