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video cameraVideo Links

What is Bioflex Laser Therapy?
The Impact of Laser Therapy on Family Medicine
Arthritis and Laser Therapy
Train the Core the Right Way by Dr. McGill
                        Break Free From Back Pain




Newspaper Articles

Become Healthy as a Horse Again with Laser Therapy
Why is the Rotator Cuff so Prone to Injury?
Let There Be Light
                        Shining Light on Lasers
                        Low Intensity Laser Therapy to Relieve Pain
                        Natural Healing
                        Debunking Back Pain Myths


microscopeResearch Articles

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Achilles Tendonitis
                    Knee Pain
                    Low Back Pain
                    Neck Pain
                    Using Laser to Treat Athletes
                    Traumatic Brain Injuries
                    Disk Herniations