Filosofi Laser and Massage Clinic, Ottawa, Canada

How many treatments and what does it cost?

How Long Does a Treatment Take?

Your Initial Visit will take 1 hour (this includes a session of Laser Therapy)
Follow up treatments are typically 45 minutes.


How Many Treatments?

The number of treatments depends on the nature of the problem and how long it’s been there.  Individuals will respond differently.  Clinical research shows that the average number of treatments is 10.


What Does It Cost?

Initial Visit (includes a session of Laser Therapy)     $100
Follow Up Treatments                                                $80  

Laser Therapy is billed as a Chiropractic service and can be claimed with extended health plans under Chiropractic benefits.



To book an Initial Consultation or follow up visit, please call 613-225-1127.
If you have any questions, you can also email Dr. Wiens at