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Frequently Asked Questions - Filosofi
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Is Laser Therapy like X-rays, ultrasound, IFC, TENS etc…?

No, laser is light energy.  Three sources of red and infrared light are used.  When applied, tissues and cells absorb this energy which then jump starts normal cell and tissue function, reducing inflammation, reducing pain, increasing blood flow and allowing scar tissue to become healthy tissue again.  The other therapies simply do not have the same effect on tissues as Laser Therapy.  laser helps to resolve the tissue problem, not simply modulate symptoms.  


I have heard of lasers and how they are used for eye surgery but not this kind.  How come?  

Lasers were invented in the late 1950s and early 1960s and were first studied in the Eastern Block countries in the 1970s for the treatment of Musculoskeletal Conditions (MSKs).  The use of lasers for MSKs has been studied extensively both clinically and scientifically at a variety of university and medical clinics around the world.  It is well known in academic and specialty clinics treating elite athletes.  Mainstream medicine is generally resistant and ignorant of anything that is not taught in medical schools.  Scientific advancement and clinical care for elite athletes tends to be several years ahead of mainstream medicine.  The laser equipment we use at Filosofi is certified by Health Canada, the FDA and the EU equivalent.  


My insurance only covers enough for 3-5 treatments.  Should I expect good results if this is all I can afford?  

The direct answer is no.  A treatment plan can not ethically be designed and the best results be expected if it is strictly dictated by your insurance coverage.  The goal is to get the best results as quickly and cost effectively as possible so that  you can get back to doing what you love to do.  The most rational approach is to start care when you are ready in terms of commitment on every level.  


I have seen a Chiropractor, a Physiotherapist and my family Doctor and have been told many different things why is your approach different?  

Most (not all) practitioners treating MSKs have personal opinions about diagnosis and treatment that are rarely backed by an form of legitimate evidence based research.  Many practice a cookie cutter approach that is based on what puts the most people through their office in a day.  Laser Therapy however is the most advanced form of care for MSKs because it works to solve the underlying tissue problem, not modulate the symptoms.  The scope of clinical and scientific research in Laser Therapy is vast and continually growing.  I also have the benefit of consulting with international authorities if a particular case requires it.    


I was told I need surgery and/or I’ve had surgery in the past.  Could Laser Therapy help?

I have worked with many people in this position who didn’t need surgery after Laser Therapy, or if they did, Laser Therapy greatly helps prepare them for surgery and recovery afterwards.  It reduces/limits inflammation allowing proper healing with minimal scar tissue.  Patients who have had surgeries such as hip or knee replacements, disk surgeries, kidney removal (for donation) etc… have all been treated successfully.