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summer sun

By James MacPherson, RMT


The bright sunshine and long hot summer days are great, and are an important part of summer. Staying active in the heat makes it all the better, whether  you’re on the lake fishing, enjoying a long bike ride or playing some ultimate Frisby on parliament hill, it’s great to be outside! It’s important we take a moment before we go out to make sure we’ve considered some summer safety.

Hotter weather and higher UV days can be dangerous if not treated with respect and a bit of pro activity. The daily UV index is a scale to help people with day to day sun protection. The way it works is if someone of fair skin, without a tan or sunscreen, takes normally 30 minutes to burn at a UV of 6 then at a UV of 12 it would only take 15 minutes. Some UV is beneficial for human health but even a UV of 3 is cause enough to wear sunglasses and a hat. The peek hours of intense UV exposure is between 10-4 and during those times it’s best to find shade, cover up and use sun screen.

The heat is what makes summer worth while. When you check the thermometer it’s important to consider the humidex, so you can make sure the day doesn’t get the better of you. Heat exhaustion, heat stroke and dehydration are conditions that need to be taken seriously and the young and old are most vulnerable. Some side effects to look out for are:

a body temp >100 degrees

Muscle weakness

Altered mental state or behavior

Alteration or stopped sweating

Nausea and vomiting

Flushed/ red skin


Racing heart rate and rapid breathing

If you find yourself with these symptoms it’s imperative that you seek shade, cool yourself down and begin drinking water immediately.

This summer when you’re out and about enjoying the season It’s important to look after yourself and your loved ones. Our health is our own responsibility and diligence is needed to make the best of the summer season and stay healthy.


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By Judy Ariagno, RMT


Go! Go! Go! This seems to be the nature of the world we live
in these days.   Many people are hit with stressful situations from all aspects of their lives.  The thought of trying to get caught up, never mind
keep up with the constant demands of work, family, and social life can be overwhelming.  Where does this leave us?  STRESSED OUT! 


Stress appears in many forms and can be very different for different people. It might be body tension and pain, headaches, stomachache and digestive problems, anxiety, insomnia…the list goes on.  The question is what can be done today about any one of these conditions? The Answer: BREATHE.


Have you ever paid attention to your breath? How fast is it? How long is your inhale/exhale? Do you feel your breath mostly in your stomach or collarbones? 


I encourage you to take a few minutes out of your day today and everyday for the next week to do the exercise below and focus on your breath.  This is often good to do before bedtime.  Please consult your healthcare provider if you have had difficulties with diaphragmatic breathing in the past or you are a diabetic.  Should you feel lightheaded please stop and try again another day.


Find a comfortable place to lie down, or sit back. Place one hand on your stomach and one hand on your chest. Close your eyes and listen to your breath. What are you feeling? For many people the hand on their stomach may not be moving at all while the hand on their chest is moving considerably. Continue with the exercise, inhaling to a count of 3 or 4, while trying to move the hand on your stomach.  As you exhale count again and feel the hand on your stomach flatten.  The hand on your chest will move during this process especially as your breath deepens and expands up into the lungs. However, we want to make sure the diaphragm is doing its job and not allowing the muscles in the chest and neck to do all the work.


When we speak of diaphragmatic breath it means to engage the diaphragm muscle.  When used properly the diaphragm can help the body deliver oxygen and remove CO2 more efficiently. It assists in moving blood and lymphatic fluid and can also help break patterns of pain.  Have you noticed your Massage Therapist ask you to take a breath when something is painful? This is a very helpful way of encouraging the body to relax.


Now that you are more aware of your breath use it as an effective tool in helping to maintain the best possible you.


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We are very excited to announce that we have a new addition to our team
and extended massage hours with Kate!


Kate Fishwick, one of our Certified Laser Therapists is now also a Registered Massage Therapist!  She will be available for massage therapy on Thursday and Friday evenings as well as Saturdays during the day. 


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We also have a lovely new addition to our team! Tonya Gartshore is a very experienced, certified Shiatsu therapist who can help you with a wide range of issues while helping you to relax.  Tonya has also completed the Registered Massage Therapy program and will begin offering Registered Massage Therapy later this summer.  


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Athletic woman stretches before a run

by Shane Clark, RMT

We all, at sometime or another, will suffer an injury either through an accident or just because of wear and tear in our daily lives.  When injury occurs, the question of what course of action to take and when to take it can largely determine how quickly and thoroughly our body recovers.

Massage therapy can be very helpful in managing the initial phases of injury recovery, which largely consist of inflammatory processes by helping circulation and in the rebuilding of damaged tissue.  The increased circulation, which massage provides, assists in the delivery of nutrients and the removal of cellular waste products.  A reduction in inflammation can reduce pain and restore range of motion which, when coupled with a program of structured exercise, can help to return you to pre-injury functional movement.

Massage therapy is also a key factor in the prevention of post injury fascial adhesions that can occur when your body tissues are injured.  It is typically these adhesions that lead to longer term dysfunction and chronic pain as the body tissues cannot return to their natural state.  Stopping an acute injury from becoming a chronic problem is one of the long term goals of most massage therapy treatment plans and in doing so, promotes general, overall, improved health.

Besides increasing circulation and reducing inflammation, massage therapy also aides in the reduction of stress and can, in turn, reduce the levels of Cortisol which can impede injury recovery.   This promotion of a more relaxed state of being can accelerate the healing process getting you back to the activities you love to do.   The next time you happen to injury yourself, get in to see your local Registered Massage Therapist sooner rather than later!


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